What our clients are saying. . .

"Thanks to your programs, we didn't lose the home we really wanted..."

When we decided it was time for a move, we called this Realtor who was using a "Talking House" transmitter on one of his listings. We were able to sit in our car and listen to all the details of the home over the radio. We decided this was the type of aggressive and innovative agent we wanted helping us with our relocation. To make a long story short, we listed our home with Chris' Team. They explained the details of their Guaranteed Home Sale Program. We had never heard of such a thing before. They also enrolled us in their exclusive VIP HomeHunter Service for free. We then went out looking for homes and quickly found one that was perfect for us...

Unfortunately, there was another offer on it. Since our current home was not under contract yet, we were at a real disadvantage. We risked losing out on this new home even though we offered more than asking price! That's when we knew it was time to take advantage of the Guaranteed Home Sale Program...

Within 24 hours, Chris' team gave us a contract on our home at a price that was acceptable to us! They were able to remove our home selling contingency right away! That was the one reason we successfully secured the home of our dreams. But, it gets better...

The second part of this story is that Chris' team ended up selling our home in less than two weeks, for more money than our previously agreed upon guaranteed sale price! We got to keep the higher offer for ourselves!

We are really grateful to Chris' team for their innovative programs and top notch service. We will refer everyone we know to them.  They truly holds themselves accountable, and that's something that's hard to find."

Craig & Renee Cirillo
Yubas Drive, Burlington Twp.


"Professionalism, innovation and accountability were key to our success"

Dear Sig & Chris,
I'm writing to sincerely thank you for all that you've done to help my wife and myself sell our home.

From the beginning, we were impressed with your team's unique  approach to Real Estate, and it was an easy choice for us to decide to work with you and your teamYour service and accountability exceeded our expectations, and having been in the military for many years, that was especially important to me.  You and your team were thorough, addressed any and all issues in a timely and professional manner, and you answered all of my questions so we completely understood the process of selling our home from start to finish.

Additionally, I feel that the innovative programs and services your team provides gave us an advantage over other homes for saleI truly believe my home sold faster and for more money because of your Guaranteed Sale/Trade Up Program, Talking House and the extensive marketing exposure I received by working with you and your team.  Speaking of your team, it was reassuring to know that if for some reason you were unavailable, I could also go to any of your team members with questions or concernsIt was really nice to have a team of professionals working for us!

When it came time for repairs, and negotiating repairs on the home, you took care of everything saving us the time and hassle. Your contacts really made a difference.

We would recommend you and your team to anyone - whether they are buying or selling, they can expect professional service and unique programs that go above and beyond what any one else is doing.  I know they will be completely satisfied, just like us!

Thank you again, for all you've done.  I will be sure to keep in touch.

Preston M. Taylor, Jr., Brig. Gen. USAF
(ret.) & Audrey Taylor
Caitlin Court, Lumberton Twp. 


"Reassurance, Trust,  and Valuable Recommendations..."

Throughout the entire process of buying our home, you continually proved that you truly had our best interest in mind! We felt confident that the other professionals you recommended were also doing the best job possible. The home inspectors, the mortgage companies, the title companies you recommended - they were great!  You called it right!  Everything happened exactly like you explained it would. You even staked you reputation on it! The leverage from that, and the peace of mind you gave us, made a big difference in our home purchase. We felt at ease knowing you and your team would see us through from start to finish.  We recommend anyone looking to purchase or sell a home to work with your team. All anyone has to do to have a great experience is simply this: listen to you and take your advice.

Robert & Chanel Schwenk 
Covington Drive, East Windsor Twp.